Course Level LTI - Available for Canvas/D2L

To enable faculty to use Lumen Learning courses from within your LMS, it is recommended to set up the learning tool interoperability (LTI) connection at a global level.

In some cases, you may need to add the LTI connection at a course level. Please note: faculty may not have permission to do so within their courses. If course level LTI is configured, you will need to apply these settings for each course per semester.

During this process, you will need the consumer key and secret provided to you by Lumen Support (

Add Lumen as a new external LTI application

Please select your Learning Management System for detailed instructions:

  • Canvas
  • Brightspace (D2L)
  • Blackboard and Moodle: Course-level LTI is not available. You will need to contact your LMS Administrator for assistance.


You can set up Lumen LTI integration by adding a new external app:

  1. In Canvas, navigate to your course. 
  2. Click on the Settings link.
  3. Click on the Apps tab.
  4. Click on the View App Configurations button.
  5. Click on the Add App button.
  6. Complete the following fields in the Add App from:
    • Configuration Type: Select By URL
    • Name: Enter Lumen Learning 
    • Consumer Key: Enter the Consumer Key provided to you by Lumen
    • Shared Secret: Enter the Secret provided to you by Lumen
    • Config URL: Enter
  7. Select Submit

You will be able to import your course file to confirm integration was successful - If you experience an issue, please contact our support team and be assured that the links will work once the integration issues are resolved.

Brightspace (D2L)

Note: D2L Brightspace is a customizable learning management system. The location of course tools and course administration may vary.

  1. Navigate to your Course Administration and select External Learning Tools.
  2. Navigate to Manage Tool Providers and click New Tool Provider.
  3. Enter the following information:
  • Launch Point:
  • Version: Inherit Global (1.1)
  • OAuth Signature Method: change to "HMAC-SHA1"
  • Secret: provided via secure password vault for security
  • Tool consumer information (if present): Check “Use customer tool consumer information instead of default”
  • Key: provided via secure password vault for security
  • Name: Lumen Learning
  • Description (suggested): Courses built from Open Educational Resources (OER) supported by Lumen Learning. Faculty needing help? Visit us at
  • Contact Email (suggested):
  • Visibility: Check “Allow users to use this tool provider”
  • Security Settings: Check all. Lumen learning uses this information to facilitate notifications and learning analytics. FERPA compliance and data security are addressed in the contractual agreement between Lumen and your institution.
  • Make tool provider available to: global Org Unit or appropriate Org Unit, but also make sure to apply to all descendants.
  • When you click on "Add Org Unit" you can search for your specific department and make sure that you choose all descendants.

For your configuration, you will need to follow the same procedure for supplemental Apps two more times(this will be the Launch Point URL).

Name: Waymaker (This is not necessary for OHM courses)

  • Launch Point:

Name: OHM (This is not necessary for Waymaker Courses)

The keys and secrets provided will be the same for all three of our apps.

If you experience any issues while importing the cartridge, or if this first page is either blank or is displaying error messages please send us an email at  with a screenshot so that we can troubleshoot the problem.

Thanks for helping us to get Lumen Learning set up at your institution!