Lumen One- Managing Quiz Attempts

Inside Lumen One, each module quiz is set up to have at least two attempts. Students may lose an attempt - without recording a score - if they leave the quiz before completing or open a new tab. We call these unsubmitted attempts. 

You can add student quiz attempts inside your Faculty Engagement Center. 

  • Visit the "Settings" section of your Engagement Center. 
  • Click "Assessments." 
  • Scroll down to the section called "Manage Quiz Attempts" and select the module. You can click the "+" sign to add attempts to an individual student. These additional attempts will show up in their Study Plan. 

Helpful to Know

  • You cannot reduce a student's attempts below two attempts. You can only add attempts. 
  • If you accidentally add an attempt to the incorrect student, you can click the "-" sign to remove the extra attempt.