Student Guide: OHM Course Activation Codes


This guide is intended for students enrolled in a course that uses Lumen OHM Course Activation Codes. If you aren't sure, please contact your instructor to see if you use activation codes or not. 

Steps for Students

If your course is not available yet, keep your activation code in a safe place since you will need it later!

code Accessing Assessments 
To complete the assessments in your course, you need to purchase a Lumen OHM course activation code. Once your trial expires you will still be able to access your other course materials but will need a code to complete your OHM assessments.


Two Week Trial 
You have a two week trial to access your Lumen OHM assessments (homework, quizzes, etc). To start your trial, click on any OHM assessment and click on the “Start Trial” button. To ensure uninterrupted access to OHM assessments, be sure to purchase and enter an activation code soon. Activation codes are sold exclusively through your campus bookstore.
24hrs One Time 24-hour Pass 
Beyond the two-week trial, there is a one time 24-hour pass just in case you need a little more time. You only get one 24-hour pass, so be sure to get your activation code before your trial and pass expire!


Contact your bookstore or instructor if you need further assistance.


A printer-friendly version of this guide is available here. [ click here to download ]