Brightspace D2L: Waymaker Faculty Instructions

Quick Facts about Waymaker Integration

  • Study Plan Self Check and Quiz links are external learning tools linking back to Lumen servers; the grades are passed back to the Brightspace gradebook.
  • Assignments and Discussions are in Brightspace format and can be edited as other Brightspace content. They are not auto-graded.
  • You cannot copy a Waymaker course from another LMS, such a Blackboard, into Brightspace; if you are using Brightspace for the first time, please request a new import file. 

Moving Waymaker Content You Don’t Want to Use Right Away

  • In the Table of Contents navigation sidebar view, scroll down to the bottom and choose Add a Module
  • Type a descriptive name for the module and press ENTER
  • Click into the module link on the sidebar, pull down the edit menu and select Hide from Users
  • Navigate to the content item you wish to move
  • For each item you want to move into the new module, pull down the Edit menu, choose Move To.
  • Select the module you created as the destination and click the Move button; it will be moved to the module.



Deleting Waymaker Content - please be sure you don’t want to use this content!

Discussions and Assignments are in the native D2L formats, there are 2 steps to deletion:


  • In the Content view of the course, pull down the edit menu for the Assignment or Discussion and select Delete Topic
  • Select Permanently Delete



Managing Waymaker Content in Brightspace D2L

Don’t forget to hide or delete your gradebook columns (separate document)

Advanced Import Instructions (separate document)

Question Bank Import and Quiz creation (separate document)

Additional Learning Resources