Where is my book?

The Waymaker text can be easily found within what we call a Study Plan. Study Plans include interactive tiles where you can access the text, videos, interactives and self-check pre-tests. After you submit a quiz or self-check the tiles will personalize to help guide where to study. 


Can I get a hard copy mailed to me?

Lumen Learning does not have pre-printed versions of the text for sale. For Offline use you can request a complimentary EPUB from your instructor, we provide them in our faculty resources. 

Lumen makes significant investments to ensure our digital courseware is more than just a textbook, allowing students to learn by doing using interactive content designed to give you frequent practice, coupled with feedback on their understanding of the learning outcomes.

The offline content version offers an inferior learning experience compared to our digital courseware. It does not include interactive content such as practice questions, simulations, videos, self-assessment exercises, or quizzes. For these reasons, we do not recommend using the textbook in the offline form. The offline version should be used as a backup for situations where you does not have online access, rather than as the primary textbook.