Candela: Add, Edit, or Remove Web Links

Add New External Link

If you'd like to incorporate a new web link in your text, use the "Insert/Edit Link" button in the Editing Toolbar.

Highlight the text you want to serve as your link, click the Insert/Edit Link, and paste the url of the website in the window that appears.

It's a good idea to also check the box next to "Open link in a new window/tab" so that users won't lose the textbook in the process of exploring the new link.

Note: We recommend using "readable text" when adding links into your page content.

Using the url itself as the web link, like this, results in unreadable, ugly text on the page.

Incorporating the same link into a more meaningful phrase, like this article on "Why External Links Should Open In New Tabs," makes the link make sense visually.  It also is helpful for users who might be using assistive technology, like screen-readers.

Add a New Internal Link

You can link to another page of your textbook using the same method as shown above.  Highlight your chosen text to link and click the Insert/Edit Link button.  In this case, instead of entering a url, you will search for the page of your textbook that you'd like to link using the "or link to existing content" section of the pop-up window.

Edit an Existing Link

If you need to make changes to a link for any reason, use the Insert/Edit Link button as noted above.

If you discover a broken link in your Lumen text, you're welcome to change it on your own.  We would appreciate knowing about it, as well, so that we can address it in other copies of the same course.  Drop us a note at

Remove an Existing Link

If you would like to remove a link that's already in the text, click anywhere on that link in your edit screen.  Then click on the "Remove Link" button in the Edit toolbar.