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Test Lumen OHM Global LTI Connection: Moodle

Adding a Lumen OHM Course

Go to Course > Course Administration > Restore

In “Import a backup file”:

  • Select Choose a file OR drag/drop to upload your Lumen OHM course cartridge file
  • Select Restore

In "Backup details":

  • Select Continue to confirm the IMS Common Cartridge file

In "Restore into this course":

  • Select Merge the backup course into this course
  • Select Continue

Choose your course items or just leave the defaults checked and continue through the restore steps.

  • Select Continue to complete the import

To verify basic LTI functionality:

  • Open an assignment
  • If you get the message "Create a copy of the existing course on Lumen OHM", then the LTI is functional. Continue and you're finished!