Waymaker Messaging Tools

Using Waymaker's messaging tools is like having a digital assistant that tells you which students need help and sends routine messages on your behalf. 

Messaging Tools Overview and Setup

Accessing & Configuring the Messaging Tools 

Quick Setup for Automated Messages 

Full Setup: Customize Notification Preferences and Messaging

What is the Waymaker Engagement Center?

Messaging Tools Overview and Setup

Waymaker's messaging tools help faculty quickly and easily provide feedback and encouragement to students. Students perform better and feel more engaged when instructors use these tools. To use messaging tools, you must configure them for each course section. 

Automated messages are sent by Waymaker on behalf of the instructor to coach students on better study skills or congratulate them on good performance.

Notifications are sent to instructors when students are trying but struggling. Instructors may opt to send recommended messages to offer help.

Accessing & Configuring the Messaging Tools 

You can set up and customize Waymaker’s messaging tools from the Waymaker Engagement Center. Once students are active in your course, you can return to this area to view students’ quiz histories and act on recommendations to reach out to struggling students.

  1. Once the Waymaker package is imported into your LMS, go to the “Waymaker Engagement Center” module inside your course. *Note: If you have an older course, the module link may be called Waymaker Faculty Tools.
  2. Click on the “Waymaker Engagement Center” link.
  3. Once inside the Engagement Center you can configure the messaging by selecting your name from the Messaging Assistant Setup.
  4. Select your name and then Save. You will see the Required Setup Complete screen confirming that messaging is on. If you want to preview or change any of the optional settings, click the Edit button for the desired area.
Students will now receive automated Nice Work and Study Tip messages from the messaging instructor. You can see a log of messages that were sent by the system on behalf of the instructor by visiting the Engagement Center "View all messages" link. Time Sensitive interventions will be visible after students enroll and begin working through Study Plans.


If you want to change your messaging settings at any time, select Settings.