Canvas OHM: NEW Global LTI 1.3 Integration

Setup Lumen OHM Global LTI 1.3 Integration

To enable faculty to use lumen OHM courses from within your LMS, you will need to set up a global learning tool interoperability (LTI) connection.

If instructors are currently using an LTI 1.1 course-level connection, the LTI 1.3 connection may override it, causing problems. For this reason, it's best to install LTI 1.3 after students are done with the previous term, and before teachers have started setting up their courses for the next term.

Go to Canvas Admin, then Developer Keys, click +Developer Key, then select +LTI Key



For Redirect URIs, enter:

  1. Set Configure Method: Enter URL
  2. Enter JSON URL:
  3. After submitting, turn the State ON
  4. Copy the numeric value shown in the Details column. This is the Client ID. (You do not need to click the Show Key button)mceclip0.png
  5. Go to Admin, then Settings, then Apps, and click View App Configurationsmceclip3.png
  6. Click +Appmceclip5.png
  7. For Configuration Type, select By Client ID. Paste in the Client ID you copied down above, and hit Submit.


Testing the LTI Integration to Lumen

Your LTI 1.3 connection to Lumen OHM should now be setup. Next, we ask that you perform a short guided test to check that the integration was completed successfully, and confirm that OHM courses will work correctly within your institution’s LMS.

To perform this test you'll need to import a cartridge into your LMS. You can export an OHM course with the following instructions: