Understanding Your Lumen One Assessments (For Students)

Your Lumen One course is organized into modules and each module has a "Study Plan" that includes all the assessments, reading and activities you'll need. 

Each module includes: 

  • Readiness Check: The Readiness Check is designed to test you on key concepts and ideas that will be helpful in the module ahead. Essentially, it's the background you'll need. (Each Study Plan has just one Readiness Check.) 

    You can take this assessment as many times as you'd like. Completing it once counts toward your Study Plan's overall participation grade. Those points are given for completion, not correctness, so your professor will not see which questions you got right and wrong. 

  • Try Its: You'll notice "Try Its" as you read through the learning content in your Study Plan. These interactive questions are a chance to practice and apply what you're learning as you read. You can try each question as many times as you'd like and your professor will not see your responses. 

  • Self Checks: Every topic in the Study Plan includes a Self Check. This short assessment is a way to test how well you're understanding the big ideas in that topic. You can take it as many times as you'd like. Completing it once counts toward your Study Plan's overall participation grade. (Like the Readiness Check, points are given for completion, not correctness.) 

  • Quiz: Each Study Plan also has a quiz with a minimum of two attempts. (See our Top Tips for Taking Lumen One Quizzes here.) Only your highest score will be recorded in the gradebook. 

How Grading Works 

  • Study Plan Participation: Your professor can assign participation grades to each Study Plan. Participation for each Study Plan is calculated by how many Readiness Checks and Self Checks you have completed (start to finish – don’t forget to click the finish button) out of the total available in that Study Plan. You can see if you’ve completed a Readiness Check or Self Check in your Study Plan. Look for either a green indicator that says “Done!” or a gray indicator that says “To Do.”
Study Plan --_After Quiz (4)
  • Quiz: Only your highest quiz score will be reported to your course gradebook, no matter how many times you complete it.

    Each question in a quiz counts equally toward your final percentage. (Shown after you submit the quiz.) Some questions, however, have multiple parts and you are given credit for any part that you answer correctly. For example, if your quiz has 10 questions, each question is worth 10% of your quiz. But if one question has four parts, each part is worth is worth 2.5% of your quiz.