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Lumen One: How Do I Copy My Course?

Yes, you can copy your course in your Blackboard, Brightspace by D2L, or Canvas course shell with Lumen One links can be copied to be used in another section or for next semester.

Here are some tips and best practices for making a copy of your course with Lumen One links.

Important Tips: 

  • Faculty Engagement Center settings and messaging templates will not copy to your new course.
  • Visit the Engagement Center to configure settings in your copied course.
  • Do not delete the following Lumen One “resource” links from your original or copied course. These links are only added the first time a Lumen One course is added, which would occur in your original course. These links will copy into your new course.
    • Faculty Engagement Center
    • Lumen Community
    • Students: How to Use Lumen Course Materials
    • Students: Additional Lumen Resources
    • Students: Introduce Yourself
  • Always test the Lumen One links in your copied course to ensure they are functional.
    • Click any Lumen One link, and ensure that the content loads successfully. 
  • Check your LMS gradebook after a course copy to ensure that the Lumen One gradebook columns are correct.


  • Copying your course happens within Blackboard; refer to Blackboard's Help Center or your campus Blackboard Administrator for guidance.

Brightspace by D2L

  • Copying your course happens within Brightspace; refer to the Brightspace Community Guides or your campus Brightspace Administrator for guidance.


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