Lumen One Platform: Canvas LTI 1.3 Integration

Setup Lumen One Platform Global LTI Integration

To enable faculty to use Lumen One Platform courses from within your LMS, it is recommended to set up the learning tool interoperability (LTI) connection at a global level. 

There are 3 steps in this short guide to getting Lumen Lumen One Platform LTI integration set up:

  1. Add a Lumen One Platform Developer Key
  2. Add a Lumen One Platform App
  3. Import a Lumen One Platform course via deeplinking to test the integration


Add a Developer Key: 

Create an LTI key via the developer key workflow How do I configure an LTI key for an account?  Note the client ID to send to Lumen Support.

  1. In Canvas click on the Admin icon in your navigation panel.
  2. Select the applicable Canvas instance. 
  3. Click Developer Keys
  4. Select +Developer Key button

5. From the drop down, select +LTI Key

6. Complete the form with the following information:

  • Configuration Type: Manual Entry
  • Key name: Lumen One Platform LTI 1.3
  • Owner Email: Enter your email address
  • Redirect URI:
7. Under Configure:
  • Title: Lumen One Platform LTI 1.3
  • Description: Lumen One Platform LTI 1.3 Tool Integration
  • Target Link URI:
  • OpenID Connect Initiation Url:
  • Make sure that the JWK Method is set to Public JWK URL
  • Public JWK URL-

8. Under LTI Advantage Services Make the below selections:

9. Under Additional Settings:

10. Under Privacy Level: 

  • Must be set to Public
11. Under Placements, select Link Selection

12. Under Link Selection, set the following:

13. Click Save
14. From the Developer Keys list, click ON to toggle the state of the key
15. Copy the Client ID highlighted below. This will be used to set up the App in the next step and must be shared with Lumen Support.

Add External App:

Set up the external app from the client ID How do I configure an external app for an account using a client ID? Note the deployment ID to send to Lumen Support.

  1. From the Admin console, click Settings>Apps>View App Configuration

2. Click +App

3. In the Configuration Type field, select By Client ID

4. Paste the value copied from the Developer Key list view  into the Client ID box and click Submit

5. From the External Apps list, select the gear icon for the Lumen One Platform LTI 1.3 tool, then select Deployment ID from the dropdown  

6. Copy the Deployment ID to send back to Lumen Support

7. Send the Client ID and Deployment ID to Lumen Support. Lumen support will confirm configuration.


Confirm Domain

Access to Lumen Community requires some domains to be safelisted. If the school domain includes “instructure”, safelisting is not required. However, custom domains must be safelisted. Provide the Lumen Support team with the school domain if safelisting is required.

Testing the Integration

If you already have a test course in your LMS that you would prefer to use you can skip this step and proceed to importing. If using an existing course please ensure it is empty.

Create a test course:

  1. On the Administrator Panel, click on the Courses link
  2. Click on the Add New Course button on the right
  3. Complete the following fields (all other fields can be left as the default setting):
    • Course Name: Enter Admin Config Test Lumen One 
    • Course Code: Enter Admin_Config_Test_Lumen_One
  4. Select Add Course

Note: Canvas will create a completely blank course. No instructors, students, or other users will be added to it. You will be able to delete this course once testing is complete. 

Important! This test course shell cannot be reused by instructors. Please do not delete the Lumen One links within this test course and provide this same shell to an instructor.

Adding the Lumen One Platform course via Deeplinking

  1. From the Home page, click +Module

2. Enter module name: Lumen One Platform Course Materials

3. Click Add Module

4. Click the + sign from the module

5. From the Add menu, select External Tool

6. Find and select Lumen One Platform LTI 1.3

7. From the Add a course picker, select the Introductory Statistics course.

8. From the Preview page, ensure that the Select All box is ticked and click Add Course.

The Lumen One Platform links should now have been imported into the module.


To test the integration, locate the links specified below and click each one. 

  1. Lumen Faculty Engagement Center

Confirm that you see (Note: Depending if you have accessed the platform, you may be prompted with the End User License Agreement. If so, tick the box next to “I have read the End User License Agreement” and click I agree): 

2. Return to the module folder and find the Lumen Community link:

Confirm that you see: 

3. Return to the module folder and find and click the Study Plan: Data Types and Organization link:

Confirm that you see:

You’re done!