Do you have an Orientation For Students?

Yes! Here is a short FAQ about using Waymaker. 

Do you have training materials for students on how to use Waymaker?

Yes, we provide support materials for students how to get started with Waymaker. You can click the 
"Copy link" button in the upper-right hand corner of this video, and copy the URL into your course.  

Do you have a video explaining how the Study Plan Graded Participation is calculated? 

Yes, in this video, we're using the Canvas student view. 

Do you have information on how Payment options for Waymaker at my school? 

Students access Waymaker course materials through your learning management system (LMS) from the first day of class. When they go to your LMS, Waymaker course modules will be visible to your students.

Students will pay the support fees for Lumen course materials either using a credit card within the courseware or by purchasing an activation code via your institution’s bookstore.

The support fee enables access to all graded quizzes throughout the course. Without the activation code, students  will not be able to take graded quizzes.

We have more information on these pages regarding inclusive access, payment instructions, and student access codes.

Contact your Lumen representative with any questions about pricing, payment, or student access. Special pricing and payment terms may apply to some institutions, including making Lumen course materials available at no cost to students.

What if my students need off-line access? 

We have more information here about our Offline Content Access using EPUBS.

Where do I send students for support? 

We’ve worked hard to make it intuitive and simple for students to use Lumen course materials. If unanticipated issues arise, students will come to you for help. Don’t worry: Submit a Request to ask for help with a specific problem or Schedule an Appointment to get help from a Lumen team member.

Don't see what you need to support your Waymaker students? 

We want to help! Contact us with your question by Submitting a Request