Waymaker Student FAQs

Where do I find my textbook? 

Your textbook is integrated into an adaptive study plan that is integrated into your course. (Click to read more)


What is the study plan and how should I use it?

Your study plan is an adaptive learning tool that provides you with your textbook, practice activities, and real world context for your course. 


How do I take a quiz?

The quiz should be available in the same module or folder with the link to your study plan and other assessments.


How do I know if I’m ready to take a quiz?

Your study plan is designed to give you multiple practice opportunities and color-coded guidance to prepare you and indicate when you are ready for your quiz


How many quiz attempts do I get? 

You will have two attempts for every quiz.


How do I find my quiz results? 

Your quiz results and feedback are displayed as soon as you complete your attempt


What happens if I lose a quiz attempt? Can I restart it? 

Once a quiz is started, it will count as one of your two attempts.


I’ve never used Waymaker before. How can I learn more and get started?

Your Waymaker course may have a beginning module called “Succeeding with Waymaker.”


What if I don’t have high speed, reliable internet? What can I do “offline” or on my phone?

Waymaker courses require a reliable internet connection, but you may be able to connect to your courses using various devices, including a phone.


Where do I go for help?

The best resource for help is your instructor.