Waymaker: Inclusive Access Syllabus Language

Here is some language you adopt for your syllabus.

Required Course Materials 

Waymaker [insert course name, e.g.: Marketing] from Lumen Learning.

In this course, you will use Waymaker instead of a traditional textbook. Waymaker provides your course materials digitally inside your school’s LMS. 

It is strongly recommended that students purchase these course materials through our institution’s materials program. Should you decide to opt out of the materials program, you will be removed from the course materials and assessments. To regain access, you will be required to purchase a Lumen Learning Activation Code through our bookstore. The additional steps in this process may delay your progress on assignments. 

You can access all readings, videos, study plans, quizzes ,and other activities through insert your school’s LMS.

A note about Waymaker Quizzes: they help you learn! After your first quiz attempt you’ll receive feedback and the opportunity to learn and practice the content before your 2nd or final quiz attempt. 

Purchasing Options


Special pricing and payment terms may apply to some institutions, including making Lumen course materials available at no cost to students. Feel free to contact your Lumen team member with any questions about pricing, payment, or student access. Standard payment options may vary. You can find Waymaker Payment Instructions here.

Should your student opt out of your institution’s materials program, they will need to purchase an activation code through your bookstore and follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Lumen Learning Activation Code from your campus bookstore.
  2. Enter your Access Code/PIN purchased from the campus bookstore into a Regain Access form.  
  3. If you purchase in person, this will be printed on your receipt.  Please save your receipt.  If you purchase via the online bookstore, this will be emailed to you.
  4. You’re all set!

Getting Started with Waymaker

Make sure you review the Succeeding With Waymaker Module. You will find videos that walk you through how to access Waymaker and how to complete your readings and assignments here. Click "Copy link" to get the URL for your course. 

Additional information about Waymaker:

Waymaker is different from other course materials in these ways:

  • No separate textbook. Everything you need is your learning management system.
  • Waymaker provides guidance on where to focus your attention. As you complete self checks, study plans, and quizzes, you’ll get feedback on where study more.
  • You can take graded quizzes multiple times. Quizzes help you learn. You can take your quiz at least twice; only the higher score will be recorded. 
  • Instructors can see where students are struggling. I can see how you do on your quizzes and offer individualized help when you need it. I can also see if you are doing the self-checks and practice activities. I’m here to help you!