Waymaker Faculty Implementation: Returning Faculty

On this page, you will find links and resources for setting up your Waymaker course. We recommend bookmarking this link to our support articles.  

Setting up your course: 

Faculty Startup Guide: For New Waymaker Faculty

Waymaker Faculty Quickstart Checklist: Returning Faculty 

Using Waymaker: A review of how our courseware works.

Supporting Students:

Syllabus Language: How to describe Waymaker to your students. 

The Student Experience: Contains a complete student video playlist. 

Set Students Up For Success 

Setting students up for success starting Week 1.

We recommend:

  • Asking students to review Succeeding with Waymaker as Week 0 or Week 1 of your course. 
  • Writing an announcement in your LMS with this Student Video of Study Plan navigation. Here is an announcement you can repurpose for your course. Click on "Copy link" in the upper-right hand corner of the videos for the URLs. 

Dear students,

Please take the time during our first week of class to review the Succeeding with Waymaker module. To help with your studies, here is a video on navigating the Study Plans. 

Your participation grade will be awarded once you have completed the Self Check inside the Dive In tiles. How do you know you've completed it? You will see a green checkmark ✅ and the word "Done."


To ensure that you receive full credit, here is short a video that guides you through the process:

Set up the Student Engagement Center

We have a video that walks you through setting up and using your Student Engagement center.

Check your Student Engagement Center

Automated messages are sent to students on your behalf for students needing positive reinforcement or study tips. The same type of message will not go out to a student more than once every 2 weeks. At-risk students must be messaged by you from your Engagement Center tab.

You can see student completion of Self Checks through the Student History view:


You can identify and message at-risk students in need of Time-Sensitive Interventions.


Use Waymaker data to support students

Use the data in Waymaker to help support you and your students. You will have data available in the Study Plan, Student Engagement Center, and on Quizzes. The video gives a quick walkthrough of where to find this data.