Lumen One Recommended Syllabus Language

Required Course Materials 

  • Lumen One [insert course name, e.g.: Introductory Statistics] from Lumen Learning.

In this course you will use Lumen One [course name instead of a traditional textbook. Lumen One provides your course materials digitally inside [insert your school’s LMS].

You can access all Lumen One readings, videos, a study plan, quizzes and other activities through [insert your school's LMS]. A note about Lumen One Quizzes: they help you learn! After your first quiz attempt you’ll receive feedback and opportunity to learn and practice the content before your 2nd or final quiz attempt.

Additional information about Lumen One

Lumen One is different from other course materials in these ways:

  • There is no separate textbook. Everything you need is in the course, including an e-Book.
  • Each Lumen One Study Plan will provide guidance on where to focus your attention. As you complete each module’s Readiness Check, Self Check and quizzes, you’ll get feedback on which areas you need to read and study more.
  • You can earn participation points for completing each Study Plan. To earn them, you’ll need to complete the Readiness Check and every topic’s Self Check. These assignments are graded for completeness, not for correctness. 
  • You can take graded quizzes more than once. Quizzes help you learn. You can take your quiz twice; only the higher score will be recorded.
  • Instructors can see where students are struggling. I can see how you do on your quizzes and offer individualized help when you need it. I can also see if you are doing the Readiness Check and Self Checks.  I’m here to help you!

Additional Support

Inside your Lumen One course in [insert your school's LMS], you’ll find a link to the Lumen Community. There, you can interact with students across the country taking the same course. You can get and give help, browse other students’ questions or find additional learning and support resources provided by Lumen. You can get technical support with Lumen One at: