Lumen One Course Ready Checklist

This checklist will ensure you are ready for your first day of class after you’ve imported your Lumen One course materials into your Learning Management System.  

  • Review and Align Content
    Preview and confirm our content links and module organization works for your needs. Take time to: 
    • Compare your institution’s course outcomes to your Lumen One course outcomes. 
    • Decide which course modules to include in your course and the order in which they should appear. Define how they will fit into your course schedule.
    • Use the LMS tools to hide (unpublish) any Lumen One modules you will not cover. We recommend hiding content vs. deleting. 
    • Use the LMS tools to drag and drop modules into the order you will cover them.
    • Use the LMS tools to add any additional content or learning activities you’d like to include.
    • Use the LMS tools to set point values and due dates, as well as customize your gradebook. We recommend the quizzes to be worth 20% of the student's overall grade and the Study Plan to be 5% of the student's overall grade.

  •  Set Up Messaging Tools
    Our automated messaging tools help to communicate with students at critical moments to promote student success in your course as well as to guide them to helpful resources as they prepare for upcoming quizzes. You can set them up and adjust them at any time in the “Settings” section of your Faculty Engagement Center.

  •  List required materials in your Syllabus
    Consider including our Recommended Syllabus Language for Lumen One to prepare your students for the Lumen One course format and pilot. 

  •  Lumen One Study Plan/Quizzes = 20% of overall grade
    Set up your grade book for our quizzes and graded participation.

  • Promote Student Support Resources
    Lumen is here to help! Your course includes a set of student resources called, “Students: How to Use Lumen Course Materials” with tips and videos to help them better understand the courseware. Keep these links easily accessible in your LMS and offer them as a “first stop” for support as students begin navigating the course. If students have specific questions, they can seek technical assistance at:

  • Encourage students to introduce themselves
    Your course includes a “Students: Introduce Yourself” assignment. This short survey helps students share things like the preferred pronunciation of their name or their goals for the course. (We even ask how they are feeling about the course!) You can adjust the due date and points for this assignment to encourage completion. Data from the survey will populate inside the “Student List” in your Faculty Engagement Center.