Waymaker Faculty Quick Start Checklist

This checklist will ensure you are ready for your first day of class. Feel free to bookmark this page for reference before each term, as well as our Waymaker Faculty Video Library.

Import Waymaker Course Cartridge into your LMS 

With Lumen LTI in place at your institution, importing a course file is a snap! You can use our Instructions for Importing specific to your LMS.

If you are teaching for another term using our materials, you can copy your previous course using your LMS. 

Review and Align Content

Preview and confirm our content links, check your module organization, and organize assignments and discussions work for your course. If you need a refresher on how to use these features, please see our Waymaker Faculty StartUp Guide.

Set Up Messaging Tools

Our automated messaging tools help to communicate with students at critical moments to promote student success in your course as well as to guide them to helpful resources as they prepare for upcoming quizzes. As a reminder, you need to set up this feature for every section you are teaching.

Here are instructions on how to set up Communication Preferences and Settings.

Add required materials to your Syllabus

We have provided Sample Syllabus Language for Waymaker to prepare your students for the course format and to promote transparency regarding content access and cost.

Set Up Your Gradebook

Set-up your grade book for our quizzes and graded participation.

Here is more information about the Graded Participation feature in Waymaker.

You can read more about the effectiveness of Waymaker.

Post Waymaker Student Support Resources in LMS

We're here to help! You can provide these Orientation Materials for Your Students.

Still need help?

Submit a ticket or contact with your Lumen representative.